Tuesday, May 28, 2013

I Can't Get Enough Nicole!

 Oh how I love my little Nicole! She is such a sweet girl!
I just wanted to add some pictures of her because I find that most of my pictures are of the older girls! She is growing up so fast and I always want to remember her at all her different stages of life!
Trying on her sister's sunglasses!
She actually left them on for a little bit, kind of funny because most things I put on her she tries to rip right off!
This was taken back at Makayla's birthday party with my cousin's baby Hallie. They are 3 weeks apart in age. I sure hope they grow up to be great friends like her mom and I are!

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Makayla's All Graduated

I can't believe Makayla's Preschool year has come to an end. It feels just like yesterday that I was dropping her off for her first day and then crying as Lucy and I, I didn't even have Nicole at the time, drove to a store to pass the time.  She had so much fun at Tiny Tikes Preschool and learned so much. I glad we put her there.
Here she is before her graduation program started.
Lucy loves her big sister and is going to be so glad to have her home for the summer to play with. I think she thinks I am boring sometimes!
Isn't she so beautiful! I love her so much and am so proud of all her hard work!
One of the best things about Preschool this year was that Makayla got to go with her best friend Taylee. We have been gone way to long from her and Makayla was so excited to get to see her so often at Preschool. I sure hope they stay friends forever!
Lucy had to get in on one with the girls.
Then there is Zach. Makayla came home often talking about Zach. She was smitten by him and called her his boyfriend often. We had to tell her he was just a good friend. She told me one day he had kissed her on the cheek. I guess I am glad he is moving to Layton, right? Hahaha!
They were so funny when it was time to take a picture together. They got a little embarrassed and I laughed a little!

My three beautiful girls!
Makayla and some more friends. Sophie on the left and Sami on the right.
They preformed a whole bunch of songs and dances and it was so cute. They also each had a speaking part and Makayla did great. She had it all memorized and I couldn't have been more proud of her.


Getting her little cap for graduating. They also read some fun facts about her and presented her with a cute little scrapbook of her time in Preschool. It's always fun to hear answers to questions they ask I think you always learn something new!
Makayla and another friend Maddaline
Makayla and her wonderful teachers. They did such a great job and I am thankful for all their hard work. I know I couldn't do it that is for sure!
Mrs. Jennifer on the left and Mrs. Shauna on the right.
Grandpa and Grandma came and supported her. We are so lucky to be close enough, in their basement close enough, to have them come and support our kids. They brought her flowers and she was so happy.
Our little family enjoying the day!
The whole group that came to support her!
Pictures in the same spots as the first day of Preschool! Oh how she has changed inside and out!
Now on to Summer! I hope it doesn't go by too quick I really want to enjoy my time with my girls before one goes off to Kindergarten!
Good Job Makayla! We are so proud of you!

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Pirate T-Ball!!!

Makayla decided she wanted to play T-ball this spring instead of soccer, not to my liking! Hahaha! Anyway she was on the Pirates team. She had fun most of the time. I thought it was a little slow so if I thought that I can only imagine what a 5 year old would think. They didn't keep score, everyone got to hit each time the team was up to bat, and they only got to bat twice a game, so who could blame her for getting a little bored during the games! I think she really liked playing because she knows it is her Daddy's favorite game and she adores her Daddy!
She got a Hello Kitty mitt and bat from her Aunt and Uncles that was black and pink and she loved it. She wants to play sports but only if she can still be girly and have pink things to play with! I love it! 
Look at her in ready position. All the boys in my family would be so proud of her!

Waiting for something to happen!
Up to bat. It ended up being coach pitch and if they couldn't hit it then they could hit off the T-ball stand. She did pretty good and only had to use the stand a couple of times. She also liked to be a switch hitter. She saw how proud we were of her that she could bat left handed and even though right was easier and she could hit harder she usually chose to bat left. It was the cutest thing.

The League was charging an arm and a leg for pictures and I refused to pay for them since I felt like the amount we paid in the beginning was little high. So instead I took some pictures of her at home and I think I did an ok job. Love the foot in this one!

Such a cheeser!

Oh and did I say she loves to pose!
And we can't forget to include the cutest little cheerleaders on the planet! The girls loved cheering their big sister on! What great fans she had!
As much fun as baseball is I sure hope she wants to play soccer again! Hahaha!

Sunday, April 28, 2013

Fancy Nancy!

Makayla went to a birthday party yesterday and when she came home this is what she looked like!
It was a princess party and she can't stop talking about it. They did her makeup and gave her all this get up to wear. She seriously looks like Fancy Nancy and it is funny to watch her try to walk around with all of this stuff on.
(side note the boa only lasted for this picture as it was shedding everywhere and had to "disappear" before my mother lost her mind over the feathers! hahaha!)

Caleb went to pick Makayla up from the party, I was getting a pedicure, and had to take all the girls. Well when Lucy saw all the girls dressed up she was a little jealous. Well the mother of the birthday girl saw her and had extra stuff so she gave Lucy her own stuff. She made her day! She also made my life a little easier!

Two of the Fanciest girls I know!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Easter 2013

 Makayla's birthday fell on Easter Sunday and she couldn't have been more excited about it. We had an Easter egg hunt with some of my mom's side of the family and Makayla just thought it was one more celebration for her.
My three girls at the Easter Egg hunt. I remember doing these in my Grandparents back yards. Those are some great memories. I sure hope my kids get to enjoy those same type of memories!
Easter is always an occasion where a new dress is called for, so that is what the girls got new dresses. Makayla is getting to big to be able to find all three of them matching dresses. Sometimes she is a little sad about that, but other times she likes being the different one. Aren't they just the cutest three girls you have ever seen. 
Makayla 5 years old

Lucy 2 1/2 years old

Nicole almost 7 months old
Me and my girls! They seriously mean the world to me, I don't know what I would do without them!
Just the girls showing off their sunglasses.
I am so thankful for Easter and the fun we have each year, but I am most thankful for my Savior and the Atonement. I am thankful for the chance I have to be able to be made clean again and return to my Father in Heaven. I am thankful for Christ and his willingness to die for me and be resurrected so that I can in turn be resurrected too when I die. That is the true meaning of the Easter season and I am thankful for it.
Happy Easter!

Monday, April 1, 2013

The BIG 5 Party!

She is 5!!!!
I am still trying to let it sink in that I actually have a 5 year old, but in the mean time I will feel you in on her birthday party. One thing about Makayla is she loves to have people over to play with and her birthday is a perfect excuse for that. She has been talking about her birthday for months and what she wanted the "theme" to be. She told me she wanted a Fairy birthday. I said ok we can do that and we started to discus who she wanted to invite. She started to name some boys and I was like do you think they will like the Fairy theme? So that is why we decided to do a Fairy/Pirate party. She wanted to invite her whole preschool class and then some other friends. I told her she had cut some people out, which was really hard for her, but we finally agreed that she could invite all the girls from her class and her other friends outside of class that were boys. She was ok with that for the most part. The only one she was upset about with Zach from school. She insists on a daily biases that he is her "boyfriend" good thing he is moving to Layton! Hahaha! I think the party was a success and she was happy with it all! I love doing birthday parties and just celebrating the birthday girl or boy!
Makayla by the Fairy table.
Makayla by the Pirate Ship walking the plank. Caleb made the pirate ship and flag and they turned out awesome! She is one lucky girl to have such an amazing daddy!

More of the decorations
Lucy modeling the Fairy outfit each girl got.
 We had a Fairy/Pirate naming ceremony where the girls got their wings, tutu, wand, and a Fairy name. And the boys got a bandanna, eye patch, sword, and Pirate name. It was so fun! Lucy's name was Moonbeam, and Makayla's was Twilight Mist.
Kaden modeling the Pirate outfit each boy got.
After the naming ceremony each kid got to decorate their wand/sword with stickers and stuff.
Makayla showing off her wand,
Some of the boys working on their swords.
After decorating the wands and swords we had a Fairy/Pirate Pixie walk. They danced around to the music and when it stopped they found a picture of a Fairy or a Pirate and if their picture was drawn they go some pixie dust (a.k.a pixie sticks). It was a lot of fun, but also a lot of work making sure EVERYONE won. I did a whole lot of rigging on this one!
After the Pixie walk it was time for the treasure hunt. Caleb and our good friend Kipp were the Captains in charge of this. They read them clues and took them around to find the next clue until it lead them outside to the treasure box that awaited them.
Finding there individual treasure!
We also had a piƱata outside for them to do when they found the treasure.
 We used my Grandpa's old cane for a bat and it worked nicely!

The whole crew!

Kaden, Brooklyn, Charlie, Kyson, Taylee, Lucy, Trevor, Reese, Carson, Diamond, Makayla, Samantha, Sophie, Cooper, Kate, Maddeline, and Connor.

After the treasure hunt it was time to sing Happy Birthday and have cake and ice cream!
Ty-dyed cupcakes, yum!
We rounded out the party with the opening of presents. Each kid got to walk the plank to give Makayla her present. It was fun for them to try and stay on the board.

She got lots of awesome gifts and was so thankful for what people gave her. She is so fun to watch open presents because she gets SO excited about each thing!

Another shot of the crew in front of the Pirate Ship
Seriously such a fun birthday! I hope Makayla like it and had fun! It is worth all the headache to plan it if it makes her happy!
Lucy didn't want to be in the boat. She wanted out and wasn't happy can you tell?
The birthday cake!
Happy Birthday Makayla! We love you so much and are so glad you are a part of our family!